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About Us

The Agroecosystem Management Program (AMP) at the Ohio State University facilitates regional collaboration and scientific  research to develop a local food economy in Ohio that is environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically sustainable – from farm to consumer.   

How do we do it?

As a platform for regional collaboration around food system change, we:

  • Host the Stinner Summit, an innovative annual networking event geared toward developing and launching new food system projects.
  • Maintain, an online networking platform for food system entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio.
  • Provide GIS Mapping Services that explore and depict our interconnected ecology and economy.
  • Collaborate with the Initiative for Food and Agricultural Transformation (INFACT), an exciting new initiative within Ohio State to transform our campus landscape and food purchasing, and to hire new faculty with expertise in the biology, sociology and economics of food production.

We also fund and coordinate Agroecosystem research, including:

  • Funding for external research collaborations between farmers and researchers through annual Warner Grants. 
  • AMP-coordinated research projects, currently exploring the ecological and economic benefits of farm diversity, and the use of sound as a monitoring tool for assessing Agroecosystem health.
  • Numerous past projects!

Finally, we are working to build and support Agroecosystem degree pathways in Ohio through:

  • The Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Education Network – a consortium of colleges and universities in Ohio working to develop and align sustainable agriculture degree programs.
  • Degree programs at Ohio State, including a Bachelor’s in Natural Resource Management with a specialization in Sustainable Agriculture, and a Master’s or PhD in Environmental Science, with a specialization in Environmental Science.