Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The AMP executive committee is composed of OSU faculty from both the Columbus and Wooster campuses who represent socioeconomic and biophysical disciplines, stakeholder partners, and student representatives. Committee terms are approximately 3 years and are renewable. Current committee members are:



Doug Jackson-Smith
Doug Jackson-Smith,
Professor of Water Security, OSU

Subbu Kumarappan
Subbu Kumarappan,
Assistant Professor, Agricultural Technical Institute, OSU

Michael Mercil

Michael Mercil,
Professor, Department of Art, OSU


Amyaz Moledina
Amyaz Moledina,
Associate Professor of Economics;
Chair of Global and International
Studies and Co-Founder of Social Entrepreneurship Program,
College of Wooster



Tony Parker
Tony Parker,
Interim Associate Chair and Associate Professor, Animal Sciences, OSU

Brian Snyder
Brian Snyder,
Executive Director of Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation (InFACT), OSU

Gregory E. Hitzhusen
Gregory E. Hitzhusen,
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, SENR, OSU

Jed Stinner
Jed Stinner,
Hydrologic Technician, OSU

Timothy L. Van Meter
Timothy L. Van Meter,
Associate Professor in the Alford Chair of Christian Education and Youth Ministry Coordinator of Ecological Initiatives, MTSO

Ex Officio (AMP Staff): Casey Hoy, Kevin Armstrong, and Cheryl Fischnich