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Prospective Students

The Agricultural and Technical Institute (ATI) Offers an Associate of Science degree in Sustainable Agriculture, see more information and program contacts here. The program is based on the Wooster campus and offers a smooth transition to the Bachelor of Science degree program for students who wish to go on to the Columbus campus for further study.

The College of Food Agricultural and Environmental Sciences offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Sustainable Agriculture, see more information and program contacts here. Key features include hands-on practical experience at Waterman Farm and enough flexibility in production courses to accommodate a range of career interests with a consistent grounding in sustainable agriculture principles and practice.

Graduate students working with AMP pursue a Master's or PhD in the Environmental Science Graduate Program (ESGP), with a specialization in Agroecosystem Science. Prospective students can also explore the ESGP website.

A few examples of past student projects include:

Jane Karetny, M.S. 2020, "Planning towards sustainable food systems: an assessment of U.S. municipal food system plans"

Jennifer Harrison, PhD. 2017, "Exploring the role data engagement had on intent to change management Practices for improved farm sustainability"

Hannah Whitehead, M.S. 2017, "Varroa mite management among small-scale beekeepers: Characterizing factors that affect IPM adoption, and exploring drone brood removal as an IPM tool"

Fred Reppun, M.S. 2016, "Invasive Marine Algae as a Soil Amendment for Island Farmers: Agronomic and Ethnographic Assessment of Implications for Nutrient Management"

Liz Kolbe, M.S. 2013, "Visualizing and Quantifying a Normative Scenario for Northeast Ohio"

Ben Kerrick, M.S. 2013, "Borrowed Ground: Evaluating the Potential Role of Usufruct in Neighborhood-Scale Foodsheds"