Prospective Students (ESGP)

Graduate students working with AMP pursue a Master’s or PhD in the Environmental Science Graduate Program (ESGP), with a specialization in Agroecosystem Science. Prospective students should contact Casey Hoy (, and explore the ESGP website.

Past projects include:

Hannah Whitehead, M.S. 2017, “Varroa mite management among small-scale beekeepers: Characterizing factors that affect IPM adoption, and exploring drone brood removal as an IPM tool

Fred Reppun, M.S. 2016, “Invasive Marine Algae as a Soil Amendment for Island Farmers: Agronomic and Ethnographic Assessment of Implications for Nutrient Management”

Liz Kolbe, M.S. 2013, “Visualizing and Quantifying a Normative Scenario for Northeast Ohio”

Ben Kerrick, M.S. 2013, “Borrowed Ground: Evaluating the Potential Role of Usufruct in Neighborhood-Scale Foodsheds”