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What is Agroecosystems Management?

What is Agroecosystems Management?

Agroecosystems management integrates economic, ecological and social values to tackle challenges and find opportunities.

It takes a broad view that ranges from the ground under your feet to your neighboring farms and communities, and from farm to market to consumer.

To a farmer it means finding a style of farming that pays the bills, that the neighbors and community want to support and protect, and that your kids want to continue.

To a scientist it means operating at the intersection of the agricultural disciplines, together with farmers. It means considering agriculture as a system, and seeing both problems and opportunities as properties that emerge from the system rather than one of its parts.

To a student interested in agriculture, it means the framework for all of your courses and experience, no matter how broad your studies are, and the connection between your focused courses and Ohio agriculture.

To an environmentalist it means a system of agriculture that enhances environmental qualities like biodiversity and is economically successful as well.

To a businessperson it means entrepreneurial opportunities that enhance social and environmental bottom lines with equal importance to the economic one.

To a consumer it means an agriculture that can be trusted to provide healthy food from a healthy ecosystem with a fair return to the farmer.

To a policy maker it means that long-term simultaneous gains in environmental, social and economic dimensions outweigh short-term gains in any one area.

How do we do it? Take a look at the projects we have going for some examples, and don’t hesitate to share your own ideas. We thrive on partnership.