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Annual Stinner Summit

The inspiration for the Stinner Summit was Ben Stinnner’s rare ability to build relationships based on common interests and his vision, passion, and commitment to building healthy agroecosystems and communities. The Summit, held in October at a different location each year, is a highly engaging and participatory event that draws stakeholders from around Ohio (and sometimes beyond). Attendees with diverse interests and expertise work together to develop projects that address healthy agroecosystems and sustainable communities. At the end of the day the attendees vote on the project(s) they would like to see receive funding. Funding for the selected project(s) is provided by the Ben Stinner Endowment. We realize the need to keep the energy high so great local food is always a part of the day. The event is free of charge and open to any who are interested, though space is limited. To see photos and agendas of past Summits, check out the links below. The Summit is never the same.  The best way to understand it is to experience it for yourself!

The Stinner Summit provides attendees with:

  • Face-to-face networking opportunities

  • A multidisciplinary, engaging environment

  • Open space to brainstorm projects related to sustainable agriculture and communities

  • Great local foods

  • Financial support for projects conceived, developed and selected by Summit attendees

  • A springboard for ideas, projects, and connections that can be carried into other aspects of your life

Past Stinner Summit Reports

One of the characteristics of the Stinner Summit is that it moves around the state of Ohio as well as funding projects across the state. This Stinner Summit Story Map uses an ArcGIS Story Map to show the migration of the Stinner Summit over the years and shows the locations of the projects funded. Using a story map like this can add a spatial perspective to the scope and impact of the Stinner Summit.

Support The Stinner Summit

If you would like to support the Stinner Summit, please consider supporting The Ben Stinner Endowment Fund for Healthy Agroecosystems and Sustainable Communities by making a donation at the link below.