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Stinner Project

We invite you to apply to participate in a summer internship focused on Climate Change Resilience in Ohio Agroecosystems, which will run from June 12 to July 27 this summer. Sponsored by the Stinner Endowment from the Ohio State University Agroecosystem Management Program (, the program is designed for young adults (aged 18-24) interested in gaining hands-on experience with best practices for regenerative farming and food system innovations to positively address our looming climate crisis.

Stinner Flyer
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Participants will gather as a cohort and participate in a series of training workshops, hands-on service-learning projects with youth from diverse rural and urban communities, and direct experiences with innovative farmers during this 6 week program. Participants will be certified as ‘Stinner Climate Ambassadors’ who can help build a bioregional regenerative network that brings together young people to share knowledge, expand awareness, and take the lead on transforming agroecological systems to improve climate resilience.

Stinner Climate Ambassadors will:

  • Gain an understanding of climate resilience, agroecological/regenerative practices that boost climate resilience, and issues of food security, food sovereignty
  • Build relationships with one another and ties to the network of diverse individuals and groups working on climate-resilient agriculture and food system issues in Ohio
  • Experience working with and mentoring rural and urban youth (grades 8-12) interested in climate adaptation and resilience, and will possess the skills to build bridges and relationships between this network and other youth to raise awareness and action on climate resilience topics
  • Be encouraged to bring the project back to your respective colleges and communities and lead efforts/programs there using the connections you have gained in this program
  • Document their experience via writing, film, podcasts and social media, to reach as wide an audience as possible.

 Tentative Schedule: 

  • June 12 – 15: Team bonding and immersion in regenerative agriculture
  • June 19 – 22 and June 26 – 29: Engagement with urban farming sites in Columbus
  • July 1 – 9: Week off, with 1-2 on-line check-ins
  • July 10 – 13: Intensive engagement on-site with rural farming projects near Athens
  • July 17 – 21: Intensive engagement with a third site in southwest Ohio.
  • July 24 – 27: Week of gathering our knowledge, finishing up media products, and hosting a “closing gathering” for all participants, designed by YOU.

Each Climate Ambassador will receive a summer stipend of $2500, along with on-site housing, food and some transportation to various model sites for 3 – 4 days a week. Upon completion of the program, each ambassador will receive a Stinner Project Certificate, to be useful in job and graduate school applications.
Directions to apply and more information are available here.
Completed applications can be sent to Terry Hermsen, Stinner Project coordinator at
For first preference, please apply by March 26th.

Project Advisors:

To download a copy of the flyer please click here.