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The Ben Stinner Endowment

Like our meeting, life is then so short, so let us give only to each the best right now I ask only to be made a gift for this land from which I grew. Keep this promise and let me come now into sweet rest so I can grow again through you and the land on which we stand.

Ben Stinner
Ben Stinner

Those who knew Ben know what a huge impact his work had, bringing together researchers, farmers, and policy makers to effect real change in Ohio agriculture. In this prophetic poem, Ben speaks to us of his own desire to give back to the land and his challenge to us to do the same. Unfortunately, Ben’s vision of sustainability was not fully realized before his untimely death, and now it must continue through us.

The Ben Stinner Endowment for Healthy Agroecosystems and Sustainable Communities seeks to extend Ben’s efforts for agricultural communities through research with a holistic approach to the complex ecological and social challenges facing farming today. The Stinner Endowment sponsors the Annual Stinner Summit, which funds innovative projects pursuing these goals.

The growth of the Stinner Endowment depends on contributions. Please take this opportunity to pledge your support to The Ben Stinner Endowment for Healthy Agroecosystems and Sustainable Communities.

Members of the Stinner Endowment Advisory Committee are:

  • Casey Hoy
  • Larry Phelan
  • Deb Stinner

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