Sustainable Agriculture Education Offerings at OSU

Associate Degree in Sustainable Agriculture at ATI

AMP facilitated the development of a two-year Associate of Science degree in Sustainable Agriculture at OSU’s Agricultural Technical Institute.  More information about that program can be found here.

Undergraduate Minor in Sustainable Agriculture

The Ohio State University School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) offers a minor in Sustainable Agriculture for undergraduate students. More information about the minor can be found here.

M.S. and Ph.D. with Agroecosystems Science Specialization

A formal Agroecosystems Science specialization is available to M.S. and Ph.D. students enrolled in OSU’s Environmental Science Graduate Program (ESGP).

Scientists studying agroecosystems need the analytical tools to understand complex systems, and measure variation over large spatial extents and long time frames. A growing number of graduate school candidates are interested in approaching agricultural science from an agroecosystems perspective, stemming from interest in such topics as food systems, sustainability, adaptation of agriculture to climate change, and systems approaches to maintaining environmental quality. Agroecosystems function as a combination of people and the land. Therefore, research on agroecosystems is interdisciplinary and, consistent with the goals of ESGP, requires the ability to bridge the social and natural sciences. The Agroecosystems Science specialization will provide a pathway for ESGP students to become integrated more effectively into AMP’s ongoing research and outreach efforts.