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14th Annual Stinner Summit

Storm clouds over wheat field

14th Annual Stinner Summit

The fragility of our food system has been highlighted through the recent global pandemic. The brittleness of the US food system in particular has been amply demonstrated as it has been unable to respond to sudden changes in supply, demand and labor, leaving many more food insecure consumers and struggling farmers in its wake. This year we’re faced with restrictions on gathering, so we invite all friends  and  collaborators  to  join  us for a virtual summit as together we seek ways to work for a more resilient and equitable food system in Ohio and the world in the face of natural disasters like the current pandemic.

It will be a Summit unlike any that we’ve hosted before.  For one thing, we won’t be physically together in the serenity of a rustic barn, and that means we won’t have the chance to break locally sourced bread together.  But on the other hand, travel to the Summit will only take a few  seconds! We recently hosted a national meeting of the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association online with over 70 participants, so we know it can be done.  And it will be Casey Hoy’s last Summit as Kellogg Chair and facilitator, his term is up next June, so it would be great to see many of you who just can’t carve out the time or make the trip every year and once again start something new and exciting. 

Whether you're new to the Stinner Summit or have attended every year, we encourage interested participants of  all  backgrounds  to  attend. Together,  we  will  commit  funding  from  the  Ben  Stinner Endowment   for   Healthy   Agroecosystems  and  Sustainable  Communities  to  support transferring our collective vision into action over the next year.

The event is always free and open to interested participants of all backgrounds. 

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