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New Interdisciplinary Major In Sustainable Agriculture To Launch Fall '21

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) has added a major in Sustainable Agriculture to the Ohio State roster of more than 200 academic majors following official approval from the Ohio Department of Higher Education. The major will become available beginning in fall 2021, and will help to advance InFACT's efforts to lead agri-Cultural transformation among an important demographic: students—and future farmers and practitioners of sustainable agriculture.

The new interdisciplinary major will tap Ohio State's expertise across the college to prepare students for promoting agriculture using regenerative and ecologically sound practices that are both profitable and valued by neighbors and consumers. Students will develop a systems-approach to thinking about problems and important communication and technical skills, while exploring the wide-ranging issues affecting sustainable agriculture, including nutrition, social justice, the environment, economics, public policy and more.

Read more about the new Major in Sustainable Agriculture on the InFACT website.