The Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Education Network

The Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Education Network (OSAEN) is a consortium of faculty members from Ohio colleges and universities. We share the goal of strengthening Ohio’s offering of applied programs in the production of food, fuel and fiber in ways that balance and mutually support the economic, environmental, and social sides of farms and farming. The Ohio State University’s Agroecosystems Management Program facilitates the network. Partners in the network are collaborating to develop programs, improve the quality and consistency of educational experiences and offer multiple pathways from certificate and associate degree programs to baccalaureate and graduate degrees in Sustainable Agriculture.  The long-term goal of the network is to increase access to sustainable agriculture degrees for students from diverse backgrounds, and to provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, problem solving, systems thinking, entrepreneurship, and food production. 


For more information on OSAEN or to join our network contact, Casey Hoy, at


OSAEN Partners:



 LCCC students in the field
LCCC students working in the field

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