Sustainable Agriculture Degrees in Ohio

Associate of Science Degrees (2 year) and Certificates

 Certificate/Degree offered:

A.S. in Sustainable Agriculture

Transition opportunities into OSU's College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Studies to earn a B.S. in Natural Resources Management, with a specialization in Sustainable Agriculture (see below for more information).

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V. Ryan Haden, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Soil Science and Agronomy
The Ohio State University - ATI
Phone: 607-229-9922

Sustainable Agriculture Programs at LCCC

 Certificates/Degree offered:

A.A.S. in Sustainable Agriculture (2-year)
One-year Technical Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture
Short-term Technical Certificate in Specialty Crops
Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

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Brett Joseph, LL.M., Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
Phone: (440) 366-7247
Cell: (440) 265-1089

Undergraduate Minor in Sustainable Agriculture

 Degree offered:

B.S. in Natural Resources Management, Sustainable Agriculture Specialization 
Sustainable Agriculture minor

Agriculture and food systems are central to the well-being of our society and vital to the condition of our environment. In this specialization, students will gain knowledge and practical experience in the development of sustainable agriculture.

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Jeff Sharp, PhD
Director, School of Environment and Natural Resources
The Ohio State University

NEW major in Sustainable Agriculture

Bachelor of Science  - Major in Sustainable Agriculture

 Degree offered:

B. S. in Agriculture, with a major in Sustainable Agriculture

At its core, Sustainable Agriculture is about working, managing, or owning an agricultural enterprise that is part of an integrated system of people, organizations, plants, animals, soils, and other natural resources that are part of an agricultural ecosystem. The sustainable agriculture major will provide students with an interdisciplinary and holistic lens for thinking about farming, balancing its environmental, social and economic dimensions, managing the farm itself and its relationship with the surrounding landscape and neighboring communities. Students will learn how to navigate and balance multiple economic, social, and environmental goals when managing a farm, ranch, or any enterprise while developing the leadership skills and knowledge to pursue an entrepreneurial career in a wide range of public or private organizations.

This program is rooted in interdisciplinary coursework, hands-on farming experiences, and developing key employer-requested skills. Students pursuing the major will not only learn about agricultural practice but will graduate with valuable transferable skills in problem-solving, written and verbal communication, management, advocacy, sustainable sourcing and marketing, entrepreneurship, big-picture and detail-oriented systems-thinking, teamwork and leadership; skills that provide an edge in any career. It will teach students to think critically about environmental sustainability, human-environment interactions, and our changing food system, preparing them as responsible citizens who can create cutting edge jobs in the 21st century economy.

Career Options

  • farmers/farm managers
  • agricultural research technicians
  • agricultural compliance agents
  • corporate sustainability leaders
  • policy developers
  • environmental and social justice non-profit
  • agricultural educators
  • certification specialists

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Casey W. Hoy, Ph.D.Casey
Professor, Kellogg Endowed Chair in Agricultural Ecosystem Management,
Faculty Director, the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation
Office: 201 Thorne Hall, OARDC, Wooster Campus
1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, OH 44691
Phone: 330-263-3611

Bachelor of Science Degree (4 year)

 Degree offered:

B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture

The B.S. degree in Sustainable Agriculture is an interdisciplinary major that overlaps coursework with Agribusiness, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics, Manufacturing Engineering, and Water Resources Management. 

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Cadance Lowell, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Agricultural Sciences
Central State University