AMP Alumni

AMP Alumni

Where are former AMP members now?  

Hannah Whitehead, MS

Agroecosystems Management Program
Environmental Science Graduate Program, 2016

MS THannah Whitehead picturehesis: “Varroa mite management among small-scale beekeepers: Characterizing factors that affect IPM adoption, and exploring drone brood removal as an IPM tool.”

Hannah recently accepted a position as a Honey Bee Extension Educator at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  


Jed Stinner, PhD

Agroecosystems Management Program
Environmental Sciences Graduate Program, 2016

Jed Stinner photoPhD Dissertation: “Effects of agroecosystem management on water quality in multiple watersheds in Ohio”

Jed is currently working for USDA ARS on the Soil Drainage Research team as a Hydrologic Technician in Columbus.


Julie Laudick, MS

Agroecosystems Management Program
Environmental Science Graduate Program, 2016

Julie Laudick pictureMS Thesis:  "Microbial Biostimulants in Organic Farming Systems: Patterns of Current Use and an Investigation of Their Efficacy in Different Soil Environments"

Julie is now a Materials Review Specialist at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA)


Matthew Porter, MS

Agroecosystems Management Program
Rural Sociology, Environment and Natural Resources, 2016

Matt Porter pictureMS Thesis: Farm Household Motivations and Diversification Strategies of Organic Farmers at the Rural Urban Interface




Fred Reppun, MS 

Agroecosystems Management Program
Environmental Sciences Graduate Program with a focus in Agroecosystems Science, 2016

Fred Reppun photoMS Thesis: “Invasive Marine Algae as a Soil Amendment for Island Farmers: Agronomic and Ethnographic Assessment of Implications for Nutrient Management”

Fred returned to his native Hawaii to work as a Junior Extension Agent at the University of Hawaii’s Cooperative Extension as part of the Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences.


Claire Sutton, MS

Agroecosystems Management Program
Environmental Studies Graduate Program, 2015

Claire Sutton pictureMS Thesis: “Impact of management on soil fertility and rice yields in smallholder farms in Tanzania”

Claire is now an Environmental Technician at Montrose Environmental Group in Portland, OR.  She works on air quality markers.


Matt Kost, PhD

Agricultural Genetics
Horticulture and Crop Sciences, 2014

Matt KostPhD Dissertation:  Maize and sunflower of North America : conservation and utilization of genetic diversity

Matt is a managing member and founder at KostAgEco, LLC in Shawnee, KS, where he works to develop resilient and sustainable food systems.  He is also the Owner of The Buffalo Seed Company.



Liz Kolbe, MS 

Agroecosystems Management Program
Environmental Sciences Graduate Program, 2013

Liz Kolbe photoMS Thesis: “Visualizing and Quantifying a Normative Scenario for Northeast Ohio”

Liz is the Horticulture Coordinator at Practical Farmers of Iowa in Ames.  Liz works primarily in horticulture, focusing on cooperators’ program research, pesticide drift issues, and field day and event planning.

Ben Kerrick, MS 

Agroecosystems Management Program
Environmental Studies Graduate Program with a focus on Agroecosystems Science, 2013

Ben Kerrick photoMS Thesis: “Borrowed Ground: Evaluating the Potential Role of Usufruct in Neighborhood-Scale Foodsheds”

Ben is a consultant with Karen Karp and Partners in New York City.  His work at KK&P includes food system mapping, program and event design, and research and analysis.