The AMP Network: Our Staff & Partners

Partners & Collaborators

AMP functions as a network, with extensive connections throughout Ohio and beyond.  Listed below are some of our key collaborators on current work, although many others are essential to our collaborations on managing agricultural ecosystems.

Some of our Ohio State University partners include:

Agricultural, Environmental, and Developmental Economics
Elena Irwin, Brent Sohngen, Allen Klaiber, Mark Partridge, Brian Roe, Marv Batte

Animal Sciences and Food Animal Health Research Program
Henry Zerby, Mike Lilburn, John Anderson, Jeff LeJuene, Francis Fluharty

Mary Gardiner, Casey Hoy, Reed Johnson

Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering
Jay Martin, Fred Michel, Ann Christy, Andy Ward, Scott Shearer and Yebo Li

Food Science and Technology
Kirsten Dangaran, Ken Lee and the Food Innovation Center

Horticulture and Crop Science
Kristin Mercer, John Cardina, Matt Kleinhenz, Dave Barker

Plant Pathology
Sally Miller

School of Environment and Natural Resources
Jeff Sharp (Director), Linda Lobao, Richard Moore, Joe Donnermeyer,  Nick Basta (ESGP coDirector), Kristin Jaeger, Charles Goebel, Steve Culman

OSU Extension local foods team and local foods signature program
Heather Neikirk, Patrice Powers-Barker

eXtension COP on community, local and regional food systems

Agricultural Technical Institute
Tom Janini, Dan Linden, Jessica Suagee, Ryan Haden

Michael Mercil

Fisher College of Business
Keely Croxton, John Gray

Ola Alqvist

Center for Urban and Regional Analysis
Morton O’Kelly, Julia Elmer, Shaun Fonanella

John Glenn School of Public Affairs
Jill Clark, Neal Hooker

Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
Christy Rogers, Jason Reece, David Norris

Knowlton School of Architecture (Landscape Architecture, City and Regional Planning)
Katherine Bennett, Kay Bea Jones, Jacob Boswell, Jack Nasar, Bernadette Hanlon, Kareem Usher

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Medical Dietetics)
Chris Taylor, Colleen Spees

College of Social Work
Michelle Kaiser

Some of our key State, Regional and National Partner organizations include:

Owens Community College
Chris Foley and Matt Ross

Stark State College
Kip Gardner and Sarah Hill

Lorain County Community College
Brett Joseph and Ruby Biel

Zane State College
Casey Brooks

University of Toledo
Paula Ross

Athens Local Food Cooperative
Michelle Ajamian and Brandon Jaeger

Leslie Schaller

Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association
Carol Goland, Director

Innovative Farmers of Ohio
Mary Holmes, President

Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy
Darwin Kelsey, Director

Cuhahoga Valley National Park

Michigan State University, Center for Regional Food Systems
Mike Hamm and Rich Pirog

Practical Farmers of Iowa
Liz Kolbe

Rural Action
Michelle Decker, Tom Redfern, Bob Fedyski

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Brian Snyder, Leah Smith

Local Matters
Noreen Warnock

Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
Brian Williams

Ohio Produce Growers and Marketers Association
Lisa Schact

Fund for Our Economic Future
Brad Whitehead, Chris Thompson, Emily Garr Pacetti

Ohio Local Food Policy Council Network
Jill Clark

Ohio Environmental Council
Joe Logan

The Interinstitutional Network for Food, Agriculture and Sustainability