Past Warner Grant Reports



Is Foliar Feeding an Economical Way for Organic Dairy Farmers to Boost the Quality and Quantity of Forages ? - 2019 trial
PI: Douglas Doohan (Weed Management in Fruits & Vegetables, OSU), Louceline Fleuridor (Research Scholar, Horticulture & crop Science, OSU), Farmer: Ron Milner (Milner Farms, Holmesville, OH).

Development of a Stand Assessment Decision-Support Tool for Small Grain Farmers in Ohio.
PI: Laura Lindsey (Plant Pathology, OSU), Farmers:  Caleb Wilson, Fred Pond (Pond Seed Company, Scott OH), Gary and Greg McGlinch (Darke County OH)



Is Foliar Feeding an Economical Way for Organic Dairy Farmers to Boost the Quality and Quantity of Forages ? - 2018 trial
PI: Douglas Doohan (Weed Management in Fruits & Vegetables, OSU), Louceline Fleuridor (Research Scholar, Horticulture & crop Science, OSU), Farmer: Ron Milner (Milner Farms, Holmesville, OH).

Optimizing Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation to Increase Ohio Strawberry Productivity. (Progress Report)
PI: Melanie Ivy (Fruit Pathology and Fresh Produce Safety, OSU), Rachel Medina (Plant Pathology, OSU), Farmer: Craig Mercer (Catalpa Grove Farm, Columbiana, OH)



Drone Brood Removal for Varroa Mite Control in Bee Hives
PI: Reed Johnson (Dept. of Entomology, OSU), Farmer: Peggy Garnes (Garnes Apiary, Medina, OH).

"College of Wooster Independent Study thesis that was made possible in part through Warner grant funding is here". - Reed M. Johnson.

Prevalence of Streptomycin-reistant Erwinia amylovora in Ohio Apple Orchards
PI: Melanie Ivey (Dept. of Plant Pathology, OSU), Farmer: Richard Wander (Lynd Fruit Farm, Pataskala, OH)

Soybean Variable Rate Technology to Improve Yield, Economic Return and Harvest Efficiency
PI: Laura Lindsey (Dept. of Horticulture and Crop Science, OSU), Farmers: Eric Berthold (Oberlin, OH) and Rick Bell (West Manchester, OH)  

Increasing the Yield and Quality of Stockpiled Forages
PI: Chris Penrose (OSU Extension, Morgan County), Farmer: Mark Landefeld (Berry Hill Farm, Woodsfield, OH)



Improving the Productivity and Quality of Woodland Pawpaw Production in Ohio
PI: G. Matt Davies (School of Environment & Natural Resources, OSU) & Brad Bergefurd (Horticulture Specialist, OSU South Centers), Farmers: Chris Chmiel (Integration Acres, Albany, OH), Ron Powell (Fox Paw farms, Manchester, OH) 

Augmentative  Biological Control of Spider Mites on Hops
PI: Celeste Welty (Bee Laboratory, OSU), Susan Ndiaye (Graduate Student, OSU), Farmers: Jamie Arthur (Little Miami Farms, Xenia, OH), Dell Dine (Enon Artesian Hops, Springfield, OH), Michael Ford (Grandpop's Hops, Marysville, OH), David Volkman (Ohio Valley Hops, Maineville, OH) 

Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation to Improve Soilborne Disease Management for Ohio Vegetable Growers
PI: Sally Miller & Anna Testen (Department of Plant Pathology, OSU), Farmers: Bob Jones & Cathy Seamans (The Chef's Garden, Huron, OH).  



Farmer-centered Evaluation of OMRI-approved Microbe-containing Products
PI: Matt Kleinhenz (Vegetable Crop Physiology & Management, OSU), Julie Laudick (Graduate Student, OSU), Zheng Wang (Post-Doc, OSU), Farmers: Mike Anderson (Whitebarn Organics, Albany, OH), David Benchoff (Banzhaf Garten Organic Farm, Ashland, OH), Chester Bowling (Black River Organics, Wellington, OH), Adam Welly (Wayward Seed Farm, Marysville, OH).

Maximize Continuous No-Till Sustainability with Cover Crop Blends and Zeolite 
PI: Rafiq Islam (Soil, Water & Bioenergy, OSU South Centers), Randall Reeder (Extension Engineer, OSU), Farmer: David Brandt (Brandt's Family Farm, Carroll, OH).

Evaluation of the Effect of Humic Acid Application on the Yield and Quality of Alfalfa Forage.
PI: Rory Lewandowski (Wayne County OSU Extension Agriculture Educator), Farmer: Virgil Gasser (Creston, OH), Scott Ruck (Wooster, OH).



Early Broadcast Seeding of Cover Crops into No-Till and Conventional Till Corn 
PI: Rory Lewandowski (Wayne County OSU Extension Agriculture Educator), Dean Slates (Holmes SWCD Program Assistant, Holmes County OSU Extension Agriculture Educator),  Farmers: Mose Hershberger and Willis Miller (Fredericksburg, OH), Wayne Keim and Danny Gingerich (Millersburg, OH), Reuben Yoder (Dundee, OH).

Addressing Labor Requirements and Broiler Performance Issues in a Pastured Poultry Production System
PI: John Anderson (OSU), Farmers: Cara and Jason Tipton (Loudonville, OH) 

More Food And More Weeks – Evaluation of On-Farm Budget Friendly Produce Storage Methods to Extend Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Seasonal Share Lengths to its Members.
Friendship Farms

Sustainable Mushroom Production for Small Scale Specialty Crop Growers
PI: Jacqueline Kowalski (Extension Educator, OSU), Farmer: Dianne Morgan (Maggie's Farm LLC, Cleveland, OH).

Season Extension with November Seeded Cool Crops 
PI: Douglas Jackson-Smith (Water Security, OSU), Farmer: Valerie Kinsman (Kinsman Farms, Archbold, OH)



Improving Manure Nutrient Utilization through Direct Application to Growing Crops
PI: Glen Arnold (OSU Extension Specialist), Farmers: Paul Dohlinghaus, Mike Shumm, Sam Fry, Chris & Eric Niekamp, Bob Homan, Gerald Vian, Dave Eyink. 

Participatory Plant Breeding of Crops for Organic and Sustainable Farming in Southwest Ohio
PI: David Francis (Plant Breeding and Genetics, OSU), Alfredo J. Huerta & Nancy L. Smith-Huerta (Dept. of Botani, Miami Univ., Oxford, OH), Farmers: Robert Rauen, Kristi Hutchinson, Scott & Rene McKinstry, Harv Roehling (Oxford, OH)

Cover Crop Demonstration Plots for Family Farm Field Day
PI: Gary Graham (Extension Educator, OSU), Farmer: Reuben J. Yoder (Dundee, OH)

Comparing the Effect of Different Organic Fertilizer Regimes on Garlic Bulb Size
PI: Jacqueline Kowalski (Extension Educator, OSU), Farmer: Alex Restaino (Almafi Farms, Cleveland, OH)



Vinegar as an Organic Herbicide in Naturally Grown Blueberry Production
PI: Brad Bergerfurd (OSU Extension), Farmers: Daniel Greenfield (Greenfield Berry Farm), Katie Myers-Griffith (Countryside Conservancy)

Utilizing Multiple Water Systems for Small Scale Livestock Operations in a Water Deficit Area: Pumping Water from the Cuyahoga River
PI: Rory Lewandowski (OSU Extension), Farmer: Terry Smith (Goatfeathers Point Farm),

Enhancing Sustainability of Freshwater Prawn Production in Ohio
PI: Laura Tiu (OSU South Centers), Farmer: Betty Jo Ratliff (Winchester, OH)

Aquaponics for High Tunnels – Developing a Design and Demonstration Unit for Local Food Production
PI: Laura Tiu (OSU South Centers), Farmer: Barry Adler



Using Leaf Humus as an Alternative Planting Material at the East Coit Urban Farm Project
PI: Jacquiline Kowalski (OSU Extension, Cuyahoga County), Joe Jerdonek, Sandra Pancoe & Gloria Jahlil (East Coit Urban Farm Project, Cleveland, OH)

Preparing farmers to meet crop quality goals
PI: Matt Kleinhenz (Vegetable Crop Physiology & Management, OSU), Natalie Bumgarner (Grad. Student, OSU), Farmers: Please see the report

Liquid Gold - Utilizing the Waste Product Whey from Ohio's Artisan Creameries as a Farm Based Feed Suppliment in the Production of Whey Fed Pork and Cabrito (Goat).
PI: Jeff McCutcheon (OSU Sheep/Small Ruminant Specialist), Farmers: Abbe Turner (Lucky Penny Farms, Garrettsville, OH), Katrina Kohout (Salt of the Earth Farm, Randolph, OH), Kevin and Kristyn Henslee (Henslee Cattle, Seville, OH).

Herbicide Carryover Injury of Ohio Cover Crops following Corn, Soybean and Wheat.
PI: Justin Petrosino (OSU Extension), Farmer: Vernon Ahrns (Ahrns Farms, Loramie, OH).

Pesticide Contamination and Honey Bees: Determining the Diversity and Concentration of Compounds found in Hives Located Across Ohio Agricultural Landscapes.
PI: Mary Gardiner, Scott P. Prajzner and P. Larry Phelan (Entomology, OSU),  Farmers: 20 Beekeepers in OH.



Growing perennial grasses for biofuels on marginal land amended with municipal waste biosolids and flue gas desulfurization gypsum
PI: Rafiq Islam (Soil, Water & Bioenergy, OSU South Centers),  Farmer: Randall Reeder

Fall through Spring Sustainable- Organic Lettuce Production in Ohio
PI: Matt Kleinhenz (Vegetable Crop Physiology & Management, OSU), Natalie Bumgarner (Student, OSU)



Soil Nutrient Contribution to Perpetual Warm Season Grasses
PI: Mike Gastier (OSU Huron County Extension), Farmer: Robert and Linda Wheeler

Successful Transitioning to No-Till Corn-Soybean Rotation with Cover Crops for Home-Grown N, Weed Control, and Soil Quality Improvement
PI:Jim Hoorman (OSU Extension, Lima), Yogi Raut (OSU Piketon), Farmers: Aaron Lemaster, Robert Hartman

Community Supported Agriculture Integrates Sustainable Agriculture
PI: Gene McClure (Hardin County Extension), Farmers: William VanScoy (VanScoy Farm), Stephanie Jolliff (Ridgemont Schools)

Utilization of Companion Planting to Attract and Maintain Populations of  Arthropod Natural Enemies of the Lepidopterous Pest Complex of Sweet Corn.
PI:Dan Pavuk (Integrated Regional Vegetable Extension Educator, OSU), Mark Koenig (Agricultural and Natural Resources Extension Educator, OSU), Matt Hofelich (Farm Manager, North Central Agricultural Research Station, OSU). Farmers:Tom Creque (Creque Farms, Sylvania, OH), David Bench (Bench Farms, Curtice, OH), Don Bench (Benchmore Farms, Elmore, OH)


Evaluating the Potential of Strawberry Runner Tip Production in Ohio
PI: Brad Bergefurd (OSU South Centers), Farmer: Jon Branstrator (Branstrator Farms, Clarksville, OH) 

Developing Targeted Risk Communication Efforts for the Management of Food borne Disease Among Minority and Small to Midsize Vegetable Producers.
PI: Robyn Wilson (School of Environment and Natural Resources, OSU), Farmers: Collaborating Multiple farms