Past Warner Grant Reports

The following 3 projects were selected for funding in 2016 (Click on the title to read the full report):

Improving the Productivity and Quality of Woodland Pawpaw Production in Ohio

This proposed research works with pawpaw producers in Ohio to elucidate key factors affecting woodland pawpaw fruit productivity and quality. Key objectives are: i) characterizing fruit production and quality in relation to the structure and environmental conditions in pawpaw patches; and ii) implementing an active-learning experiment to manipulate patch structures to improve production.

Augmentative  Biological Control of Spider Mites on Hops

The twospotted spider mite is significant pest in hop yards throughout Ohio and causes a reduction in the quantity and quality of hop cone yield. This project evaluated the possibility of releasing predatory mites as a pest management strategy. Samples that were collected to determine the effectiveness of this strategy are still being analyzed, so no conclusions have been drawn at this time.

Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation to Improve Soilborne Disease Management for Ohio Vegetable Growers

Soilborne diseases greatly limit vegetable production, reducing yield and quality. Soilborne pathogens can act together in disease complexes that make their management extremely difficult. Historically, management of these diseases relied on environmentally damaging, fossil fuel–dependent tactics, including soil fumigation and steam sterilization. There is a strong need to develop sustainable, effective strategies for managing soilborne diseases. Anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD) is a recent example of an environmentally sustainable disease management approach.

The long–term goal of this research is to develop sustainable, cost–effective soilborne disease management strategies for Ohio vegetable producers. Soilborne diseases are a major problem for vegetable growers across Ohio. ASD is an extremely promising technology that has not yet been adapted for use in Midwestern states. We want to optimize this technology for Ohio growers by identifying the most effective, locally available carbon sources, and determining recommendations for timing and duration of treatment applications. 

Summaries from Previous Warner Grants

Holmes County Warner Grant Early Seeded Cover Crop Project

Maximize continuous no-till sustainability with cover crop blends and zeolite

Season Extension with November Seeded Cool Crops

Improving Manure Nutrient Utilization Through Direct Application to Growing Crops

Participatory Plant Breeding of Crops for Organic and Sustainable Farming in Southwest Ohio

Cover Crop Demonstration Plots for Family Farm Field Day

Comparing the Effect of Different Organic Fertilizer Regimes on Garlic Bulb Size

Aquaponics for High Tunnels – Developing a Design and Demonstration Unit for Local Food Production (Final Report)

Vinegar as an Organic Herbicide in Naturally Grown Blueberry Production
Daniel Greenfield (Greenfield Berry Farm), Brad Bergerfurd (OSU Extension), Katie Myers-Griffith (Countryside Conservancy)

Using Leaf Humus as an Alternative Planting Material at the East Coit Urban Farm Project
Jacquiline Kowalski (OSU Extension, Cuyahoga)

Utilizing Multiple Water Systems for Small Scale Livestock Operations in a Water Deficit Area: Pumping Water from the Cuyahoga River
Terry Smith (Goatfeathers Point Farm), Rory Lewandowski (OSU Extension)

Enhancing Sustainability of Freshwater Prawn Production in Ohio
Laura Tiu (OSU South Centers), Betty Jo Ratliff (Winchester, OH)

Aquaponics for High Tunnels – Developing a Design and Demonstration Unit for Local Food Production
Laura Tiu (OSU South Centers), Barry Adler

Strawberry Tip & Plug Nursery Research
Jon Branstrator (Branstrator Farm) and Brad Bergefurd (OSU Piketon)

Soil Nutrient Contribution to Perpetual Warm Season Grasses
Mike Gastier (OSU Huron County Extension), Robert and Linda Wheeler

Successful Transitioning to No-Till Corn-Soybean Rotation with Cover Crops for Home-Grown N, Weed Control, and Soil Quality Improvement
Jim Hoorman (OSU Extension, Lima), Yogi Raut (OSU Piketon), Aaron Lemaster, Robert Hartman

Community Supported Agriculture Integrates Sustainable Agriculture
Gene McClure (Hardin County Extension), William VanScoy (VanScoy Farm), Stephanie Jolliff (Ridgemont Schools)

Growing perennial grasses for biofuels on marginal land amended with municipal waste biosolids and flue gas desulfurization gypsum
Rafiq Islam and Randall Reeder

Fall through Spring Sustainable- Organic Lettuce Production in Ohio
Natalie Bumgarner and Matt Kleinhenz

Preparing farmers to meet crop quality goals
Natalie Bumgarner and Matt Kleinhenz